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How The Brain Rewires Itself

Posted on: 02/17/2015

(See Related Video After The Article)   It was a fairly modest experiment, as these things go, with volunteers trooping into the lab at Harvard Medical School to learn and practice a little five-finger piano exercise. Neuroscientist Alvaro Pascual-Leone instructed the members of one group to play as fluidly as they could, trying to keep to the metronome's 60 beats per minute. Every day for five days, the volunteers practiced for two hours. Then they took a test. At the end of each day's practice session, they sat beneath a coil of wire that sent a brief magnetic pulse into the…

Best Videos Of The Week Compilation February 2015

Posted on: 02/14/2015

From a camouflage octopus to a helicopter taking flight off a dogs head, these are the Best Viral Videos of the Week!

“NFL 2015” A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL

Posted on: 02/08/2015

0:05 0:06 I saw your mole! 0:08 You'll give me a complex, man 0:10 You gotta eat the breakfast 0:12 We eat breakfast! 0:14 THEN lunch! 0:15 I have flaps 0:20 I just forgot to breathe. 0:2 2Holla 0:23 We gon' ball 0:24 Why are you, you know, always angry? 0:26 Once there was this prince 0:27 He came from, like, Syria, okay? 0:29 And he lived with some peaceful monkeys 0:3 1outside his aunt's boyfriend's cabin 0:33 and had a old sheepdog named Paco Sinbad. 0:36 I could just throw a rock! 0:38 And I'd aim it at your…

Funny Dog Vines Videos 2014

Posted on: 02/04/2015

Led Zeppelin (Celebration Day) Full Concert – O2 Arena – 2007

Posted on: 02/03/2015

Set 1."Good Times Bad Times" (John Bonham, John Paul Jones, and Jimmy Page) – 3:12 2."Ramble On" (Page and Robert Plant) – 5:45 3."Black Dog" (Jones, Page, and Plant) – 5:53 4."In My Time of Dying" (Bonham, Jones, Page, and Plant) – 11:11 5."For Your Life" (Page and Plant) – 6:40 6."Trampled Under Foot" (Jones, Page, and Plant) – 6:20 7."Nobody's Fault but Mine" (Page and Plant) – 6:44 8."No Quarter" (Jones, Page, and Plant) – 9:22 9."Since I've Been Loving You" (Jones, Page, and Plant) – 7:52 10."Dazed and Confused" (Page; inspired by Jake Holmes) – 11:44 11."Stairway to…

Best Trending Videos Of The Month January 2015

Posted on: 02/02/2015

Enjoy January's best trending videos of 2015! From a girl training a group of pit bull dogs to an amazing Sling Blade impression, these hot clips were among the most popular videos of this month!

Funny Dog Vines Videos 2014

Posted on: 01/31/2015 Funny dog Vine videos of 2014

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