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Quick and Simple Life Hacks – Part 2

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: 01/31/2015

More Awesome & Easy tips and tricks you may have never thought of. In this video we cover the following topics: 1. Using Alternate Batteries 2. Combat Stinky Shoes 3. Find out how much propane you have 4. Cut through plastic packages quick! 5. Pack like a Pro 6. Youtube Multi-task 7. DIY Air Freshener 8. Revive a pen 9. Open a Jar 10. Fill a bucket, easily

Most Famous Viral Video On Youtube In 5 Minutes

Relevance: 98%      Posted on: 02/02/2015

Most famous viral video on Youtube in 5 minutes...

Funny Dog Vines Videos 2014

Relevance: 77%      Posted on: 01/31/2015 Funny dog Vine videos of 2014

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer (Official)

Relevance: 70%      Posted on: 10/26/2015

Funny Spider Scare Prank Compilation

Relevance: 69%      Posted on: 01/31/2015

Are you afraid of spiders? This spider scare prank compilation will show you how most of us react to seeing those little cuties.

Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy: “The Challenge”

Relevance: 63%      Posted on: 02/27/2015

What happens when old school goes head to head with new school in a battle of speed and wits? Leonard Nimoy takes on newbie Zachary Quinto and his all-new Audi S7.

Star Wars – The Force Awakens International Trailer – With Additional Footage

Relevance: 62%      Posted on: 11/06/2015

This is the new international version of Star Wars, The Force Awakens trailer that has additional footage from the new movie that was previously released from a different trailer in the United States in which the version is different, Check It Out!

Best of Just For Laughs Gags – Funniest Head Surprise

Relevance: 59%      Posted on: 01/31/2015

Whatever the case, this is probably the best best of ever so do take the time to enjoy! In this crazy head-packed best of the best video you may find the following pranks: Head In The Toilet Prank Screaming Severed Head MOST WANTED: Joe Spaghetti Hat VS Buried Woman Closet Cow Head Prank

Quick and Simple Life Hacks – Part 3

Relevance: 56%      Posted on: 01/31/2015

More Awesome & Easy tips and tricks you may have never thought of. In this video we cover the following topics: 1. Opening a wine bottle without a cork screw. 2. Using your toaster to cook food. 3. Tear-free Onions 4. Prevent over-boiling 5. Easily clean your microwave 6. Testing your eggs 7. Ziplock funnel 8. Crystal Ice 9. Hobo Coffee (coffee without a coffee maker) 10. Using a pan as an iron

Best Skunk Pranks – Best of Just For Laughs Gags

Relevance: 56%      Posted on: 01/31/2015

Something smells, and it ain't a cat! Be glad that "Scratch and Sniff" technology hasn't come to the internet yet! See the hilarious reactions of people who think a skunk has just popped in for a visit. Pepé Le Pew would enjoy this fine selection: - Scary Skunk Prank - Skunk Sprays Hot Bikini Girls At The Beach - Skunk In Locker - Skunk In Car Prank - Skunk Parking Prank

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