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1801. James M. Dumoulin
nasa ksc space mail payload center job network kennedy launch public systems winvn computer currently dumoulin florida information


1803. Links2Go: Aliens
aliens discussion exterrestrial topics ufo abductions angels banding current east eugene gilbert lights middle military nations nephilim

1804. Links2Go: UFOs in Africa
ufo topics ufos africa control current international related skepticism alien csicop organizations search sonar walla active angels antigravity

1805. Links2Go: Lt Alien Links Page - UFO Groups / Organizations
ufo alien organizations groups topics aliens center current related business expert national reporting resources search technology

1806. Links2Go: Phoenix Lights
lights phoenix topics arizona current eclipses related search ufo aliens indexing tech website advance arch ark beauty betty

1807. Links2Go: http://www.phoenixlights.org//"http://ad-adex3.flycast.com/server/click/Links2GoWebDiscovery/Links2GoWebDiscovery/"
gowebdiscovery topics arizona current eclipses related search ufo adex aliens flycast indexing lights phoenixlights server tech

1808. Crop circles: The Crop Circular, research on crop circles
crop circles research evidence section freddy information phenomenon silva account altered anomalies august circlemakers circular geometry

1809. On Being Stoned - Chapter 10
phenomena paranormal oobes body marijuana experience experiences people frequent precognition chapter intoxication ostensible physical

1810. Lycos Entertainment Guide: SciFi
lycos sci entertainment movies search star best books conditions fans guide pictures scifi sounds stars wars web advertising aguilera

1811. UFO Secrets..... Eye Witness Account
moonbeam air props underground base david government harrier believe just long project security small system technology colorado crafts

1812. Music of the Spheres?
ratios diatonic circles theorems geometry major crop patterns intellectual profile scale because book circle euclid just music

1813. No title
circles ufo bigfoot craft crop energy ships spacecraft vortex yashah alahoy because john questions rabbi rings space stan zeka

1814. A Strange Thing Or Two from World Famous Links
famous strange magazine collection alien attractions chupacabra cryptozoology dreambook largest mysteries paul roadside sign ufo


1816. Quest: Journal of Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute New York City Newsletter Articles
spirituality psychotherapy group mdiv gary hellman quest institute ncpsya clark conversion counseling mail pastoral trafton divorce

1817. No title
abductees aliens ufo alien age world contactees messages phenomena deception earth human rael false perhaps universe vallee abduction


1819. Alien Magic- Underground Bases, UFOs , Aliens and New World Order -
underground tunnels rock nuclear system subterrene alien city tunneling facilities feet government miles skeptics tunnel aliens

1820. mars face cydonia
face photos cydonia mars nasa mgs analysis region viking surveyor controversy carlotto global martian photo artificial features

1821. NCAS -- National Capital Area Skeptics
ncas scientific fusion report skeptics cold online capital condon national science available claims colorado igive organization

1822. General Relativity
relativity einstein general theory spacetime space black embedding equations flow gravity hole ball curvature diagrams effect gravitational

1823. lnm
monster loch water ness lake nessie creature feet monsters eels flippers garinger long mackal plesiosaur possibility another eel




1827. National UFO Reporting Center
The web's most comprehensive and up to date UFO information source
Provided by America's foremost UFO Reporting Agency
In continuous operation since 1974


1829. New York UFO Network
ufo network york report object bethume photos scientist sighting beings bethune earth east flying green historical identically

1830. About Paradigm Research Group
research paradigm group ufo box community fax government national based bassett evidence extraterrestrial order phenomena political

1831. Dossier: Paranormal Government
government paranormal dossier cia report documents roswell ufos secret ufo animal declassified gao intelligence majestic panel

1832. Project UFO - Pazsaz Entertainment Network
incident entertainment network pazsaz project ufo city desert music privacy search season video affiliations aldine atlantic

1833. I Was A Sixth Grade Alien! - Pazsaz Entertainment Network
alien aired originally grade entertainment network pazsaz pleskit earth episodes gro meenom music privacy search season video adventures

1834. NOVA Online/Hunt for Alien Worlds/Additional Resources
worlds resources alien nova additional hunt online astronomy includes search sky amateur extrasolar great information life magazine

1835. NATURE: Alien Empire - Battlezone
alien empire battlezone nature caterpillar egg eggs wasps caterpillars wasp tiny virus alive hatches hungry laid larva laying plant plants



1838. The equality of gravitational and inertial mass
gravitational mass force inertial newton different earth gravity objects pendulum equality material principle balance centrifugal

1839. UFOs
ufo ufos offers stories beings krupp lawson suggests aliens allen contact cydonia encounters flying folklore hynek myth online phenomenon




1843. UFO's, the government, and the conspiracy
blood rico creature animal puerto animals government ufo witnesses chupacabras creatures media body genetic island observed wounds

1844. PROJECT 1947 - Foo Fighters
foo fighters subject ufo phenomena fighter information crew phenomenon research secret study article book fact facts further pilots war

1845. Paul Christopher - Demonic UFO's
june through ufo paul christopher demonic marriott blvd exit lord thursday wednesday club cromwell crowne eden feasts friday houston

1846. New Frontiers in Science
A peer-reviewed online journal that examines unexplained and controversial scientific phenomena. New Frontiers in Science publishes research and theories outside currently accepted scientific paradigms.

1847. Anomalous Cognition
experiment psi amsterdam anomalous cognition psychlit search ganzfeld precognition publications university abstract abstracts experiments

1848. UFO Folklore Center
ufo pictures light mountain sighting chico film folklore january mexico monterrey raul started topo white airplane camera center

1849. UFO Folklore Center
ufo january object miles kilometers light sky fittkau garthe islands reported south police tenerife bright city described moon north

1850. UFO Folklore ...UFOs From the Past... 1970's UFOs UFO Aliens !
ufo peter car light aliens control gines lights without beit bridge craft flight lake peugeot south tires ufos aircraft controllers

1851. UFO Sightings by Astronauts
cooper ufos nasa ufo astronauts space armstrong gordon air apollo flight lovell astronaut james major people white according base

1852. UFO Folklore Center
greys dolphins earth human large species barracuda beings dolphin genetic humans abductee abductees beam grey modern physical stun


1854. UFO Folklore Center
air lights exeter object book force sighting aircraft bertrand hynek blue muscarello patrolman operation report september bright


1856. UFO Folklore Center
circles crop circle appeared formed theory england however phenomena military strange ufo light lights answer australia british diameter

1857. The RishiSite World
Quantum Field Theory, General Relativity and Vedanta. - Physics, mind and consciousness.


1859. Documentary: Six Days in Roswell
roswell documentary alien ufo bomb crash filmed gene john mexico minutes nygard roger abductions alamos aliens angeles aol atomic

1860. The UFOs of October
ufo ufos effect people object autokinetic sky bright star group stars dime motion believe evidence illusion reports jupiter moon

1861. Inquiring Skeptics of Upper New York
meetings inquiring isuny science skeptic skeptics upper york library public skepticism fringe guilderland joining newsletter paranormal

1862. Inquiring Skeptics of Upper New York
meetings inquiring isuny science skeptic skeptics upper york library public skepticism fringe guilderland joining newsletter paranormal

1863. Inquiring Skeptics of Upper New York
meetings inquiring isuny science skeptic skeptics upper york library public skepticism fringe guilderland joining newsletter paranormal

1864. Inquiring Skeptics of Upper New York
meetings inquiring isuny science skeptic skeptics upper york library public skepticism fringe guilderland joining newsletter paranormal

1865. Other UFO Network Sites
ufo fortean information network charles contains face general journal mars mcgrew mufon related roswell saucer scientific web

1866. ScienceFiction.com - Aliens & UFOs, Invaders From Mars with Leif Erickson & Morris Ankrum
boy invaders aliens ankrum erickson film land leif mars morris adventures apparently army cameron director dream hunt jimmy little



navy lfas fax mailto email sound whales dolphins mil protests dying phone testing broadcast frequencies local president waters

1870. The French COMETA Report On UFOs And Defense - A Summary
ufos report general ihedn committee france study cometa defense air extraterrestrial research states ufo hypotheses national cases

demuth awards prize rhino winner darwin police zoo adhesive building friend gas hands himself just lake lighter sightings technicians

1872. Dr. J. Allen Hynek And The 1957 Levelland, Texas Sightings
object levelland car reported ufo fowler road texas truck miles lights sightings another headlights officer saucedo engine light

1873. The Fox News O'Reily UFO Report Transcript - 'A Travesty'
reilly ward ufo people book just sightings aliens because believe billions earth fox guy looking planet report solar space system

ufo mufon report aol box center hotline investigations nids abduction aufon bluenorth california clubs director email fuse ghostpix

object ufo crash emil meters distance russian greg east expedition group possible military pvp zone bachurin director flat information

light ufo object appeared isur red sightings soviet craft filer john mufon name people september aol bright camera car clouds

light debris lights ufo november object reports alford reported sky white air december mufon objects observed blue flying general

sokalski training army kingsville worldnetdaily ammunition bullets jones exercise fire paper residents stalkers town arrived attack

object ufo craft sky aircraft carter sighting sound just road minutes mufon feet light lights nearly pilots sightings through

object ufo lights light february sky minutes planets reports balloon craft earth lake large material mufon stars color county god horizon

ufo jet object reports north mufon pilot sightings air flying just reported ufos filer flight kilometers light lights saratoga

reversal speech reverse reversals ufo air astronomer force honesty forwards material sightings truth captain communications county

sea coast objects ships iceland american nato icelandic operation ufos aircraft fishing suddenly air boat craft north russian crew

circles crop people circle genuine hoaxers thought england pringle responsible sightings bower different doug just mrs radiation

cfs fatigue chronic illness syndrome encephalomyelitis myalgic abduction enzyme people abductees symptoms data patients research

ufo lights reports experiencers bright sighting reported april sightings sky ufos abduction flight minutes report road white

ufo light lights bright craft witness shaped sightings appeared august mufon west white east feet georgia object reports triangle

ufo report ufos france defense general cni french study air ihedn cases states cometa radar committee hypotheses extraterrestrial

ufo lake miles object highway light september sky town kilometers lights michigan roundup shore superior west wisconsin appeared

1890. Post Abduction Syndrome (PAS) Description of an Emerging Syndrome
abduction jacobs apa pas children symptoms abductions disorder parents syndrome conversation person anxiety bryant experiences

1891. Missing Time In CT - Major Sightings FL And TN - UFO Passes Beneath CG Cutter
ufo object lights car objects evidence feet just peter report sightings january large police appeared bright estate noticed


1893. Centre for skeptical information in Norway
norwegian skeptics information server skeptical critisism material skepsis bergen classification debatt det goal important issues

1894. Aims of The Australian Skeptics
australian paranormal claims skeptics aims evidence explanations relevant attitude extraordinary hypotheses hypothesis information

1895. Overview of The Skeptics
skeptics australian national overview science skeptic speakers state topics age contacting convention evenings groups interested

1896. Skeptics Media Watch - Famous Bigfoot film 'may be a fake'
bigfoot film skeptics watch creature media australian articles shot bbc fake famous patterson web ape camera color creek dead

1897. Skeptics Media Watch - Vatican 'blesses' contact with the dead
skeptics media watch australian contact articles vatican dead web blesses concetti father features girl grave loved pray advise

1898. Skeptics Media Watch - The Lotto Factory
lotto numbers factory games skeptics winning australian media watch software system articles money number possible repeat chances

1899. Skeptics Media Watch - Fortune Smiles on 'Hard Luck House'
feng shui skeptics house media watch australian luck snape articles brought chi cottage negative report web according features fortune

1900. The Mighty Tasty Art Bell Parody Pages
art bell parody phil radio neil skep antichrist audio best catch cultist damned fine funniest game graffiti great guy iframe joel


1902. NZCSICOP Inc (NZ Skeptics)
skeptics zealand science skeptic claims critical information media nzcsicop paranormal report abductions annual australian books

1903. Supergravity A Supersymmetry
system force mass direction gravitational acceleration linear space rotation theory center conservation axis bosons gravity

1904. UFO-encounter - Werner Zurfluh
body because crew ufo physical situation aliens another beings consciousness aware fact finally material somehow state condition

1905. Noosphere - Crop Circles
crop circles circle noosphere ufo web communication introduction technoetic angelic appears art avatar bell bizarre books buddha



1908. T h e U F O C o n s p i r a c y . c o m
ufo theufoconspiracy sightings bradford champ ufos abduction alliance conspiracy explanations mail possible report sighting subject


1910. 12 best UFO cases in Brazil
ufo best brazil cases january air brazilian force witnesses fab films metallic november para photos probe radar search small videotaped

1911. Awareness during Sleep Paralysis Homepage
Awareness during Sleep Paralysis is the presence of Awareness during the paralysis that naturally occurs in Rapid Eye Movement, REM, sleep.

1912. Alien Autopsy: Links
autopsy alien ufo roswell book film aliens analysis army autopsies company csicop done experts faq game large love medical movie


1914. Virtually Strange Network

















































1963. '

1964. '




















1984. UFOSeek: CIA and UFOs
ufo hits cia ufos abductions database documents ufoseek advanced anthology complete government graphic hundreds kind midnight pictures

1985. Kjetil Kjernsmos skeptic page
skeptic skeptics sci article firewalking kjetil report scientific alien available book claims film funny german kjernsmos linkexchange

1986. Antigravity and propulsion
gravitational body frequencies system antigravity craft force light nodes planet spacecraft velocity atoms energy mass antimatter

1987. Triad Research/UFO Activity and Paranormal Experinces.
ufo research paranormal triad activity cattle circles crop abductions alien angels another center conspiracies dreams experinces iframe

1988. Robert Venosa Film Design
venosa design film robert ufo ghastlius landscape atlantis ghastilus ordering alien art dune fire iii interior lieberman otherworldly

1989. Minnesota MUFON UFO Web Page
mufon ufo minnesota reports web report special abduction ads banner cattle circle contact copyright crop henry joel meeting mutilation

1990. UFO Witnesses Psychological Profile
ufo fantasy witnesses personality proneness research sightings prone persons studies journal people traits wilson experiences

1991. UFO FAQ
abduction ufo abductions ufos stories abductees alien aliens evidence faq reports result existence experiences henny inspired media

1992. Paranormal Parapsychology Unexplained Phenomena Guides Information Books
paranormal published paperback parapsychology amazon books guide paul book experience mckenna offers phenomena unexplained world

1993. Wessex Books - historical books from Yorkshire to Devon, covering Crop Circles, Thomas Hardy & King Alfred on the way
crop circles wessex books thomas alfred brief circle covering devon earth hardy historical julia king map yorkshire acclaimed

1994. Ufology Research of Manitoba Home Page / BSF
ufo manitoba channel sightings research ufology information mufon reports archive chris created group internet ontario related report

1995. UFO's
ufo checkout order ufos video bill mailing newsletter norm pastor prophecy withoneaccord abductions accord address advent alien


1997. Black Hole or Energy Shell
energy tensor momentum scale solution gravitational horizon schwarzschild cosmos element expanding mass vacuum zero negative sec particle

1998. The CCG Center at Odd's End
cards ccg dark card trade effect interrupt center light lost obi star wan character name paranormal welcome available cantina decipher

1999. Paranormal Parlor at Odd's End- Camp Haunted
paranormal camp just parlor tree different forest group haunted mail story teachers thought trees walking actually already annex

2000. Paranormal Parlor at Odd's End- The Sliding Glass Door Spirit
paranormal door glass parlor sliding dan nick thought mail parents talked tony annex asleep astrology autobiographical bed bonus

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