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1201. McMinnville UFO Photos 50 Years Later - Still A Mystery
photos ufo trents trent mcminnville story photographs flying maccabee paul people register because powell published sightings telephone

1202. Montauk Mind Control Victim Interview
control montauk chair memories project through human pero andy base group program training abilities because programming remember

1203. Levitation Physicist John Hutchison Raided At Gunpoint By Canadian Police
hutchison john police government confirm deny neither canadian levitation apartment governments raided recall former gunpoint

1204. Gettysburg UFOs Photographed - UFO Hovers Over Man's Georgia Home
ufo light sky gettysburg ufos craft estate filer lights object report air aol august experience river agent best car cydonia

viewing people dames evidence methods information psi intelligence anything nothing science burundi comet program protocol public

sky compiled air brown danny flying appeared formation great large north ship ufo fire globe light sighting witnessed arys burning

1207. The Skeptic's Dictionary: A Guide for the New Millennium
skeptic skeptical dictionary media skepdic amazon books bunk commercial copyright entries essays mass occult paranormal permission philosophy

1208. SpiritWeb: Richard Boylan
boylan richard spiritweb star knowledge conference report ufo sedona stone conferences encounters gathering upcoming admits

1209. SpiritWeb: UFO Phenomena
ufo phenomena spiritweb alien richard web boylan div phenomenon spiritual collection knowledge spirit star abduction contact human

1210. UFOs; crop circles; aliens
ufo ufos aliens crop circles skeptics holey roswell nazi alien bibliography german groups skeptic york abductions dictionary

1211. P.A.R.E.N.T. International Abduction Conference Report, May 11-13, 2000
label stolenchildren children child abduction conference parental hague simpos alienation convention international stolen yavelow

1212. &TOTSE - Things to Know
totse rough information drug legal agency conspiracy contradict copyright documents drugs intelligence layout military miscellaneous

1213. UFO Chronicles - Article
ufo chronicles article implants evidence people phenomenon abduction alien alleged cases derrel physical abducted aliens implant mack

1214. UFO Chronicles - Article -Crop Circles
circles crop circle life people energy genetic human ufo universe article chronicles dna formations helix male sphere spin discovered

1215. UFO Chronicles - Article
ufo chronicles article jet pilot object people air aircraft flight radar flying reported stories aviation crew experiences fighter

1216. The International UFO Congress Schedule of Events
august break noon ufo registration ancient desk history life body dinner events exhibits lunch evidence experiencers international

1217. Ancient Mysteries
ancient search mysteries paranormal ruins topics atlantis books bookstore broken frozen information island lost mothership peru

1218. William Birnes
birnes ufo magazine publisher william cooperv roswell search books people ufomind webmaster catalog corso december frozen msn philip

1219. Russell Targ
targ russell search books harary people ufomind catalog frozen keith psi psychic sri web webmaster address allowed bookstore

1220. Brazil
brazil ufo trindade ufomind people search webmaster book books brazilian event events examination frozen indicates island mailing

1221. Pine Bush/Hudson Valley Sightings
pine bush sightings hudson valley ufo photos events search supportive ufomind books description frozen indicates published ufos web

1222. UFO Media, Communication & Business
ufo aliens book business media search ufos web books catalogs radio topics ufomind alien art bookstore campbell communication

1223. UFO Book Lists & Catalogs
ufo books book bibliography reviews search commercial catalogs contact extraterrestrial language original recommended topics

1224. UFO Sightings by Date
ufo sightings search sighting topics airships bookstore broken events frozen ghost information mothership phantom repaired section

1225. UFO UpDates Mailing List Archive
ufo mailing updates search ufomind archive bookstore character indexes messages monthly mothership required vegas webmaster address

1226. malmincid
light remember camper team ufo something watching alert anything base basically canyon guys happened jason just malmstrom security

1227. Woodborough Crop Circle.
circle crop wheat picture earth gravity circles energy enlarge july nordics wiltshire energies message observer paths air alton

1228. August/Sept. 1996 Crop Circles
circles crop circle stalks report ground saskatchewan clairmont samples people wheat diameter feet rocanville september corn pease

1229. UFO FAQ
seti project radio search sky nasa hrms mhz distance ghz light researched signals survey system targeted antennas arecibo detect

1230. PHACTUM sampling
jacobs hypnosis philadelphia claims phact ufo abducted alien david memories program abductions afternoon fiction hypnogogia july

1231. Mars Post Office,scientific discourse on indigenous life forms, mars photos related
mars subject hoax people web pictures picture air cat force general just life photos rgrmrmy shit verne widgetmagic alien anything

1232. SpiritWeb: Abduction
abduction spiritweb zeta ufo contact greys richard bruce cornet galactic human implants present psychology reticuli alien annual

1233. SpiritWeb: Standing Elk
star conference knowledge elk standing spiritweb report ufo boylan richard gathering annual international family native sedona awareness

1234. SpiritWeb: UFO Gallery
ufo gallery spiritweb mexico alien ashian pictures contact earthlink herman lisa meier mirrors ronna smith aol belsey calendar dan

1235. Zerotime
zerotime ghost stull ufo website paranormal topic bible bigfoot box citizens discuss emf friedman hunter information meter name

1236. Zerotime
zerotime ghost stull ufo website paranormal topic bible bigfoot box citizens discuss emf friedman hunter information meter name

1237. Links2Go: Enigma Researchyour at the Front Door, Welcome to
ufo alien aliens ufos enigma researchyour topics welcome current door related search space untitled abductee aliensandufos allianc

1238. Links2Go: Category 8
ufo ufos alien aliens category current related topics dark homepage library search website abductions alan alie alienwar aol astrology

1239. Links2Go: Aliens on the Moon? Vgl - Investigations into the Possibility of Artificial L...
aliens alien topics ufo current cydonia face mars moon related science vgl website artificial astronomy chemistry coast directory

1240. Links2Go: Adventure Travel
ufo ufos travel adventure homepage topics current related web forever lion mystery personal science search vegas website alan

1241. Links2Go: http://www.nauticom.net/users/ata//"http://ad-adex3.flycast.com/server/click/Links2GoWebDiscovery/Links2GoWebDiscovery/"
ufo ufos gowebdiscovery homepage topics current related travel web adex ata flycast forever lion mystery nauticom personal science

1242. Links2Go:
ufo ufos gowebdiscovery homepage topics current related travel web adex flycast forever lion mystery personal science search

1243. SpiritWeb: Richard Boylan
boylan richard spiritweb star knowledge conference report ufo sedona stone conferences encounters gathering upcoming admits

1244. SpiritWeb: UFO Gallery
ufo gallery spiritweb mexico alien ashian lisa pictures smith aol contact meier mirrors august belsey calendar dan earthlink

1245. The Day After Roswell - review
aliens corso alien government people defense against book program roswell information group problem ufo craft military perhaps reveals

1246. UFO Hotlines and Phone Services
ufo charges rate hotline standard sightings reporting information national network south normal queensland research box sighting

1247. Crop Circles in The UFO Anthology CD-ROM Virtual Tour!
crop ufo circles circle anthology block height spacer width phenomenon colin history ufos andrews changes through virtual actually available

1248. UFOs in History in The UFO Anthology CD-ROM Virtual Tour!
ufo ufos bob history anthology ancient dean objects sightings sirius section earliest explore modern sky strange thousands through

1249. Crop Circles by Dreamland Interactive
block height spacer width crop circle circles ufo phenomenon plants dreamland formations interactive anthology formation appearing

1250. Crop Circles by Dreamland Interactive
block height spacer width crop circle circles ufo phenomenon plants anthology dreamland formations interactive colin formation actually

evidence sims derrel alien enterprises saber implants research alleged email medical team best contact dream eby martin objects

1252. ABCNEWS.com : UFOs or Light Show?
space shuttle sts abcnews light ufos nasa debris media mission science astronauts jet jim oberg particles search ufo alien battles

1253. Alien UFOs, Mysteries & Phenomena
alien ufo ufos beings experiences mars art artist attila boros contact heaven illustrations mysteries phenomena recently secrecy

1254. UFOs 11/4/94
study ufo condon air force scientific ufos blumen reports sightings team believed campus community flying government paranet possible

1255. 1,000,000 Paranormal Links
ufo information ufos alien paranormal aliens pictures reports research articles phenomena related sightings world phenomenon

1256. Parapsychology FAQ Part 2
psi research experiments parapsychology experiment faq experiences studies methods people target experimental criticism ganzfeld

1257. SDTReport
mars rover mission data samples sdt surface sample landing rock life science missions strategy because martian orbit therefore

1258. Abductive.reasoning
abduction hypotheses explanation visual abductive coherence reasoning graph konolige data explained hypothesis bylander representations

1259. Crop Circle Bibliography
crop circles published circle book books mystery bibliography misuterii saakuru japanese available evidence history japan translated

1260. CTHEORY: We Are All Depraved
criswell space world elvis flying fifties people age dead human alien aliens death however already audience white wood air america

1261. A Hill on Mars -- Chapter 11
mars space nasa observer cydonia mission demons hoagland conspiracy camera orbit program probe bible complex power failed spacecraft

1262. Skeptic's Dictionary: Roswell
roswell alien ufo government aliens air force berlitz carr crash enthusiasts little proof actually autopsy balloons charles claim

1263. Skeptic's Dictionary: UFOs (unidentified flying objects)
alien ufos ufo evidence claim ufologists testimony flying people spacecraft explanation science sightings aliens government logical

1264. Cambridge UFO Group
ufo cambridge cufog research reports cambridgeshire group evening investigation address bufora gamble number objects steve thought

1265. Reverse Engineering
engineering gravity alien technology reverse systems aircraft research air propulsion space world earth force possible projects

1266. Mind Control and the Secret State
control cia research story techniques abuse intelligence radiation researchers technology project secret hypnosis jones another claims

1267. -= Robin's UFO/Alien Gallery =-
ufo roswell alien information robin cases pictures aliens gallery abducted abductions body complete crashed extraterrestrial government

1268. UFO-NEST (Scandinavian UFO Network)
ufo nest flying sky against city international network object odigo people stealth triangular britain captured caus contact

1269. Mars Climate Orbiter/Mars Polar Lander - Mission Overview
mars lander orbiter polar climate mission overview surveyor surface orbit program spacecraft cruise launch approximately launched

1270. RWELL
aol tprinty members roswell alien crashed events story truth witnesses discs entire event fable flying opinion sources spaceship states

1271. An Evolutionary Angle
evolutionary angle extraterrestrial human jeff today traits aliens especially eventually evolution genes humans modern ourselves

storm magnetic class information flare agency altering earth earthquake energy flux gateways hesitant obtained orbit papers patents secret

moon earth orbit signal lunar north object severnaya zemlya body asteroid astronomers cast chip light another eaglenet est flux

sims derrel enterprises evidence saber implants research alien email alleged best eby martin team website bean collection dream

1275. ABCNEWS.com : Remembering Jimmy Carter's UFO Encounter
carter ufo people abcnews encounter jimmy ufos firmage government remembering truth astronauts claim cooper crash documentary fox

1276. Physics News 465, 4 January 2000 by Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein
physics atom atoms beam wave january bec frequency laser initial particle polarization lasers photon proton researchers temperatures

1277. Mars Global Surveyor
mars global surveyor information orbit earth nssdc surface science aerobraking mission nasa spacecraft atmosphere data march september

universe order forces proton force life neutron balance elemental nature ratio delicate hydrogen mass stars atoms elements exactly

1279. No title
ufo lights craft est object reports triangle air flying israel ufos son aol giants minutes objet pieds reported bruit center

1280. Ufologia 6
nao para uma por nos como dos ufologia pessoas experiencias abducao casos ufos ser ate nosso sao seres sua isso mas nossa conhecimento

1281. Fantasy of the Month 10 (life with dava)
black dava alien cloth between box coffee corner fantasy hips jar jeans picked recycler shelf sink sponge strip thick waste

1282. Mop Stories: Alien Tour
ship mop alien batteries human acid aliens command space stories better commanders crew felt floor kind quarters sense silently

1283. Sky Signs: An Incomplete History of Ice Falls
ice sky large roof falling paranormal reported chunk earth feet just man pound through history philologos pieces pounds air chunks

1284. PM: ROSWELL PLUS 50: JULY 97
roswell flying intelligence air craft ufo kaufmann crashed story army horten july balloon crash disc military report secret marcel

1285. Salon Books | Life, liberty and the pursuit of aliens
books salon life aliens pursuit alien liberty ufo mufon search symposium academics archives contact health international people

1286. Frank Stootman talks about SETI
seti science life frank signals stootman sorts aliens australia identifying issues equally light metaphysical metaphysics search

1287. Untitled
valley luis several reported period colorado cattle north ufo unusual witnesses animal dunes enforcement great law man ranch

1288. New Shuttle UFO Sighting? - California Triangle Returns - Other US Sightings
ufo flying sightings triangle object shuttle filer kirk lights sky airport just solar space aircraft feet miles mufon sighting

1289. UFOs Near Shuttle Launch? - NY Security Officers See Craft
object ufo moon radar earth craft minutes god light red sightings ufos angels picture satellite air jesus objects sighting smaller

1290. 23 Of 38 Mars Missions Fail - UFO Sightings Around US
ufo moon object sky earth mars air nsa minutes probes space force video december just reports witness november objects observed

1291. Gallery - UFOs & Aliens
ufo skeptics model photo smtp subject ufos gallery fake photos pictures billy features just picture australian fakes meier valley

1292. Future Life: Machines or ET?
space intelligence life cat machines height science shostak technology width contact entertainment extraterrestrial scientists search

building bbd books bbs book wisdom booklet country bbb house complete earth guide step survival construction efficient materials pole

bux books conspiracy secret world ufo book government america order history control earth eustace mullins alien international

1295. Alexander Technique
alexander technique body head paperback spine movement posture teacher guide habits neck poise problems relationship activities

1296. Dr. Richard Boylan's Close Encounters Account
extraterrestrials encounters experiencers little car towards extraterrestrial inn noticed boylan contact mile range strange test ufo account

1297. Puthoff 1993 interview with Roswell witness
roswell craft interview puthoff ufomind bodies material wall witness flying light although book campbell coloring crash however life

project enigma bob lights maryland rocks phenomena research investigation light mysterious state gravity lazzara paranormal ringing technical

1299. ENTROPY: Can we decrease entropy ?ENTROPY: Can we decrease entropy ?
temperature gas molecules column boltzmann velocity constant gravity number loschmidt heat energy machine motion molecule law vertical

1300. A UFO Guru Light-Years Away From Carl Sagan (washingtonpost.com)
firmage sagan height width block spacer carl company science business deal druyan ufo internet light web guru iframe joe legacy name

1301. A heat-related gravity theory that circumvents the three kinds of dark matter and reveals how to produce gravity in the laboratory
heat theory gravity gravitational sphere advance body earth experiment force mercury solar cavendish direction freedom imbalance mass

1302. A UFO CD-ROM The UFO Anthology Vol-1 for Macintosh and Windows95 / NT. Complete History of UFO-Abduction-Crop Circles-Cattle Mutilations-The Cover-Up and more! Macintosh windows
ufo spacer block height width crop world anthology circles ufos history cover interactive macintosh presentation windows alien

1303. Crop Circles by Dreamland Interactive
block height spacer width crop circle circles ufo phenomenon plants anthology dreamland formations interactive colin formation actually

1304. Milton Cooper Statement
information craft people alien aliens because cooper government project secret states united documents just gonna tell president

1305. Colonel Steve Wilson and the U.S. Saucer Program
wilson air colonel plane force base squadron man steve life majestic secret felt ground major special extraterrestrial feet information

1306. The laws list: E
laws effect horizon event gravitational spin einstein limit quantum radius black drive eddington equivalence hole law particle physics

1307. Abductee Counseling - "...if I've been abducted by aliens"
resistance alienresistance experience guinea south united abductee aliens contact counseling islands north phenomenon preach republic

1308. Puthoff 1993 interview with Roswell witness
roswell craft interview puthoff ufomind bodies material wall witness flying light although book campbell coloring crash however life

1309. Argonaut-Greywolf - Ghost Alien Connection
alien ghost ufo ghosts art energy activity connection photo research society life lori aliens hand haunting mcdonald gallery member

1310. The Day After Roswell: A Former Pentagon Official Reveals the U.S. Government's Shocking UFO Cover-Up
corso roswell ufo colonel army bell government art pentagon philip technology war air book cover devices extraterrestrial extraterrestrials

1311. Alien UFOs, Mysteries & Phenomena
alien ufo ufos beings experiences mars art artist attila boros contact heaven illustrations mysteries phenomena recently secrecy

1312. Chapter 20. The Equality of Inertial and Gravitational Mass as an Argument for the General Postulate of Relativity. Einstein, Albert. 1920. Relativity: The Special and General Theory
relativity general gravitational chest mass inertial argument body equality einstein postulate albert special theory chapter

1313. Chapter 22. A Few Inferences from the General Theory of Relativity. Einstein, Albert. 1920. Relativity: The Special and General Theory
theory relativity general special einstein gravitational albert inferences chapter light body reference laws respect accelerated

1314. Breakthrough
strieber whitley breakthrough visitors communion available interview contact paperback people step ufo book magazine aliens conroy

1315. Skeptic's Dictionary - Skeptical definitions and essays on occult, paranormal, supernatural and pseudoscientific ideas and practices
bigfoot film creature evidence chambers footprints name window according comments email short action ape apelike because california

1316. Samizdat The Newsletter of UFO's and the Paranormal
ufo puerto rico nuclear object fact sightings island number spain against military paranormal ufos witnesses another light pilot

1317. BUFORA Main Page
bufora report ufo members research section contact lecture officer online sighting speakers air bob conway investigations project

1318. Ovnilogia (Ufology)
ovnilogia ovnis ufology ovni por sobre con agostinelli alejandro una articulos esta flying investigacion tapa afirmaciones argentina

1319. Tuesday: Flying Triangles (FT) Week--Affidavits & Daylight Sighting - Update 4/13/99
craft lights caus object affidavit triangular car flying formation report sighting vehicle approximately friend husband road shape

1320. Citizens Against UFO Secrecy - Whither "Jane Doe's" UFO? by Larry W. Bryant
deleted ufo advised virginia caus hill vint doe report blue county hrs information jane sheriff woman against beings bryant contact

1321. Citizens Against UFO Secrecy - Somewhere In Between: Religion vs. Science & the Alien Question
questions science planet question religion somewhere experiment mankind answers between religious universe answer ufo ufos alien

1322. Citizens Against UFO Secrecy - UFO Sighting Hamersley Range Western Australia
sighting ufo report light object australia caus peter approx carolyn colour followup network orange rep south wife auforn callin charmaine

1323. Citizens Against UFO Secrecy - Concorde Crah: The UFO Connection
concorde ufo engine july caus munchengladbach city fuel german kilometers miles crash dusseldorf flight france landed major number

1324. Chicago Tribune Traditional Version - Nation/World
museum world roswell tribune nation version chicago traditional people town ufo space street summer tourists air alien anything

1325. Re: Alien Abduction on The UFO forum: #504
abduction alien dennis believe just life connexions evidence message earth people subject abductions beliefs common different experience

1326. Conspire.Com's Book Depository
book conspiracy vankin jonathan world comic conspiracies gcat keith moench robert theories whalen another anton artists buy

1327. Paranormal News
fbi air force ufo book project sightings intelligence maccabee information saucers another june pope reports security sighting

1328. Whats New on the CROP CIRCLE CONNECTOR
crop circle circles connector tuesday book issue stone whats avebury history july june research wiltshire chat cropcircles culture

1329. Witness Archive Project
witnesses disclosure witness project government intelligence related archive projects security subject eti evidence forward military

1330. French UFO study
report ufos study ufo defense french general ihedn france states air cometa research committee extraterrestrial hypotheses association

1331. CSICOP / News / Response to Fox's "Signs From God: Science Tests Faith"
csicop science fox god willesee signs paranormal skeptical tests blood claims faith miracle scientific actually belief contact

1332. SKEPTIC Bibliography / UFO
ufo defense history sociology science philosophy psi ufos alien aliens anthropology contact creationism methodology newage quackery

1333. CSICOP / Skeptical Briefs / September 1994 / Group News
csicop skeptical skeptics grant group just skeptic briefs tornado aliens alvin articles australian dallas house local media reall

1334. CSICOP / Skeptical Briefs / March 1995 / Reality Check / Scientific Illiteracy in the Press
fuel motion perpetual csicop cell cells energy water machine pollution story writer headline skeptical theory because briefs cold fusion

1335. CSICOP / Skeptical Briefs / September 1998 / Inklings / Spoilsports?
csicop people skeptical another beautiful briefs child inklings mysteries something ball because feynman jones lewis life magic

1336. CSICOP / Skeptical Inquirer / March 2000
csicop skeptical inquirer media book psychic web articles books john march physics popular reverse science shop someone speech

1337. CSICOP / Skeptical Inquirer / Winter 1990 / A Field Guide to Critical Thinking
claim evidence true paranormal claims because skeptical argument example fact inquirer offered belief coincidence honesty however

1338. CSICOP / Skeptical Inquirer / July 1996 / Pentagon Grant Funds Alternative Health Study
energy burn patients treatment mimic touch pain proposal therapeutic patient grant ibid study subject group subjects csicop hands infection

1339. CSICOP / Skeptical Inquirer / January 1997 / The Mysterious Placebo
placebo treatment effect csicop effects patient placebos health nonspecific skeptical treatments inquirer jarvis patients power

1340. CSICOP / Skeptical Inquirer / March 1997 / A Bridge Too Far
linda hopkins dan abduction richard ufo bridge alien story witnessed abductions aliens csicop witnesses people skeptical book brooklyn

1341. CSICOP / Skeptical Inquirer / July 1997 / Examining the Amazing Free-Energy Claims of Dennis Lee
lee energy claims conspiracy dealers machine csicop dennis web amazing investors skeptical audience claimed eric people inquirer

1342. CSICOP / Skeptical Inquirer / November 1999
csicop skeptical amazon inquirer science sagan articles astrologer carl demonstrations findings joe life nickell november physics

1343. CTHEORY: We Are All Depraved
criswell space world elvis flying fifties people age dead human alien aliens death however already audience white wood air america

1344. M-theory, the theory formerly known as Strings
theory string strings theories black different dimensions holes force particles entropy gravity planet quantum strong bosonic

1345. Skeptic's Dictionary: occult statistics
occult statistics skeptics statistical anomalies john claims code esp nature significant variables books correlation correlations

1346. UFOs: The Hidden Truth - NRR
ufos truth hidden beings encounters kind ufo berean video christian christians digital angels contact demonic facts nrr people skeptical

1347. W-File: absalter.htm
john iii march ufo people pickup recall encounter hill road although experience highway june little amnesia believe center encounters

1348. alt.paranormal_FAQ
paranormal newsgroup skeptics debate faq skeptic sci newsgroups people posting psicounsel person phenomena usenet answers appropriate

1349. [alt.paranormal] Posting FAQ - read this before posting!
paranormal posting faq newsgroup usenet faqs isp abuse commercial demon articles article charter discussion newsgroups people ramtop

1350. Aelita
mars spacecraft nuclear orbit crew earth engine tonnes tmk project launch electric surface stage mass engines landing propulsion

1351. UFOs and Aliens
ufo box research alien books flying saucer ufos center aliens international national suite abductions black network space action

1352. Reverse-Engineering Roswell UFO Technology
because transistor people technology nuclear project alien bell computer roswell something website company decided air documents

1353. The Mars/Egypt Connection
mars pyramid sphinx cydonia great prophecy face satan ufo egypt israel angels antichrist martian star ufos aliens bible earth

1354. Latest UFO News & Developments
newton aztec scully saucer flying gebauer story saucers sitchin ufo man men strange another anything claimed dogs oil something

1355. Gaston Chague's Science Home Page - The Unknown
ufo bigfoot cases because strange unknown certain extraterrestrial impossible mountains observed phenomenons possible prints processes

1356. niko's Home Page
ufo rubbish documents information interested research rumour checkout interesting ireland niko nonsense pgp project science through

aliens ufo book ufos flying saucers alien humans government strange base air another reports secret abduction books dreamland human

1358. UFO And Strange Phenomena Information Exchange
ufo government information wolf phenomena strange disclosure truth world exchange life message book intelligent national sightings

cameron mars degrees life horus james sons alien belial cydonia ancient horizon speech face freemasonry celestial conspiracy degree

crop circle formation menorah tree life circles chakra chakras appeared yantra formations article center related sri associated

crop chaos formation geoff theory circle appeared fractal mandelbrot calendar formations mayan article book dimensional grid julia

1362. General Topics.
randi world dawn edge general indiana jones magazine science subjects topics alternative amazing ancient archaeological archaeology

states united immigration aliens law naturalization alien removal usa nationality certain chapter citizenship status admission born

alien removal states united court general attorney section information hearing judge custody order classified application pursuant immigration

1365. Is Anybody Out There?
life alien aliens anybody human humans ignore minder prof seti tough anything beings century civilization communicate contact

1366. Topology and Physics
torsion lie group dim spacetime space spin curvature connection tensor conformal vector affine gauge physics speed transport algebra

1367. UFO's
ufo alien paranormal world ufos aliens government book chat mystery space best clips clouds documents pics video website circles conspiracies

1368. NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program HOME-PAGE
nasa research bpp propulsion millis physics program project conference papers space aiaa breakthrough proceedings science workshop publications

1369. ocr.1a.html
oberg ufos cooper evidence rebut ufo air force cases concerning documented hynek essay rebuttal regarding nations objects research

1370. unsolved.html
ufo walton governor report bulletin cases harney travis burns carter florida following trindade book clark concerning eth john

1371. Circular Coverage Constants
circles covering neville unit square disc discs bezdek cover melissen minimal packing polynomial problem radius zimmermann circular

1372. The McDaniel Report Newsletter
mcdaniel nasa spsr face mars research report cydonia mgs jpl scientists stanley updated carlotto commentary mound analysis crater mark

1373. Crop Circles Intelligence Mighty Companions Suzanne Taylor
crop circles another intelligence world circle companions human mighty people peter reality suzanne taylor fear formation god

1374. Crop Circles Intelligence Mighty Companions Suzanne Taylor
crop circles circle another intelligence world suzanne companions human mighty people peter reality taylor fear formation god present

1375. mn14
control cia research abuse story techniques intelligence radiation researchers technology project hypnosis mindnet jones another

1376. UFO s & Bible
ufo bible aliens ufos angels god israel alien satan deceptive just age manifestations watcher angelic beings conspiracy millennium

1377. UFO Antichrist
aliens ufos angels god ufo bible alien israel deceptive watcher website age conspiracy manifestations angelic beings believe human

1378. Area 51 Trip Reports
aircraft lights road trip appeared black car decided mailbox nellis flew just little reports aurora distance feet inn military object

1379. Elektromagnum Index Page, created July 1994
ufo contributed physics book david elektromagnum gravity inertia keelynet web accessed brown energy regarding rognerud ascii bearden

1380. : UFO
asc ufo keelynet box bbs sciences vangard circles mesquite following sponsored earth flying information parameters processor research

1381. Observer | UK News | Britain's UFO secrets revealed
iframe information observer mod aircraft object radar section sightings ufo flying reported ads air bordercolor britain frameborder

1382. Project Open Book: Field Investigator's Guide
ufo reported aldrich local report rudy witnesses sighting reports sightings ufos cases hynek unusual investigator ridicule book

1383. "Electrogravitics Systems"
gravity aviation energy electrostatic electrogravitics static propulsion theory report research electro particles nuclear force

1384. ParaDocs: The Government's Paranormal Secrets
cia order control document documents research soviet subliminal intelligence operations parascope report behavior hypnosis manual

1385. The ParaStore: Books, Videos & Zines
order keith black paperback quality jim control parascope conspiracy book helicopters john cia keel men secret alternative conspiracies

1386. PEER | Noetic Sciences Review, Autumn 1992
abductees abduction experiences phenomenon ufo physical abductions reality ufos alien experience mental children themselves dimensions

1387. PEER | Learn More About PEER
abduction peer john mack science extraordinary phenomenon research experience questions ufo alien caroline children conference experiencers

1388. Phoenix New Times Online -- phoenixnewtimes.com | News & Features | An Anunnaki in the family tree?
theory alien anunnaki defects features genetic pye science life phoenix planet saffo ancestry book complex engineered family humans

1389. Gerard 't Hooft
physics van hooft black dutch het quantum elementary gerard holes moon particles theoretical theories theory utrecht english force

1390. PhysicsWeb - Physics World Magazine
paranormal phenomena quantum physics world carr physical physicists university brain cambridge conventional example laboratory mechanics

1391. Would not the speed of a light beam headed toward a black hole increase tremendously?
light speed gravitational observer reference star relativity black einstein hole general result spacetime value experts flat inertial

1392. What is String Theory ?
theory string particle particles world forces fundamental electron gravity model physics standard universe basic description developments

1393. Patch's UFO Page
ufo research photos web aliens intelligence roswell pictures ufos world alien books chupacabra contact includes information related

1394. Coverage of the Inevitable Apocalypso
inevitable apocalypso atheism positive chuck shepherd alien psychics aliens machine people pet sleep because cavin marion cash disney

1395. PAIC: Protree Alternative Information Center
search engine ufo center radio art bell just life paranormal seti agree alternative astrology coast content discover energy healing

1396. PAIC: Protree Alternative Information Center
search engine ufo center radio art bell just life paranormal seti agree alternative astrology coast content discover energy healing

1397. Spermatikos Logos -- Gravity's Rainbow Introduction
gravity rainbow pynchon control love book narrative character novel another characters through prose plot reading between force

1398. NewStandard: 7/11/99
people classified conversation curious object proof ufos zeller answers astronomy believer conclusions endless evidence example

1399. Zero point energy, zpe, aether, ether, over-unity, alien power sources, free energy
energy zpe zero electromagnetic email power matter vacuum aether fax phone sources sparnaay water absolute alien because between

1400. High WWWeirdness: Rugged Individualists
john atom winston plutonium abian earth physics universe archimedes orbit usenet alexander everything sci theory cha fan individualists

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