4:33 today are getting Elijah who comes from Kauai
4:36 Elijah is a global citizen who has practice healing practice and hit music
4:42 in many states in many countries for high
4:45 how are you though times so today
4:49 I’m so happy that you can join in think so we’d like to know a little bit about
4:53 you and how you came to be a sound healing
4:56 well I would like to say first vines
4:59 grateful to hold the space with you today because
5:02 source all side that speaks to my soul
5:07 is very present in this period things said
5:11 and what I could say about my journey with sound
5:15 is that it’s it again when I was in the world and
5:19 night both my parents for musicians so night
5:23 early as early as the inning then resigned a sound running
5:27 you may experience and
5:30 in very aware sound really actually changes
5:34 nature our lives always
5:37 consciously course unconsciously as well
5:40 so you have it early awareness about because
5:44 musician you feel the vibration you already
5:47 I feel it inside yourself unionist learning
5:51 yes yes its sound and music is a link
5:54 race so like any other language I’m he’ll
5:58 it’s able to transmit the beautiful thing about salaries and goes beyond
6:03 the Green Bay Area goes beyond our minds
6:06 need to the site for the code at the language in your the words it’s just
6:11 sound really penetrates rated Artspace
6:14 so grateful to be able to have been given these
6:18 gets to use sound me
6:21 others like yourself that when we you lie so together it’s almost like a
6:25 conversation
6:26 instead only so
6:29 you been a musician for a very long time you make
6:32 here Rylan are so blessed to have you and
6:35 your style of music you can play everything I’m learning
6:40 the say that i feel sometimes like a oppression born baby
6:44 let’s just say finding new ways to explore
6:48 its in everyday something about musical
6:51 and sell that enjoyed playing many different instruments and
6:54 mainly the body feel the bodies the most fun instrument
6:59 play it’s got the most mystery animal yet to it
7:02 so when did you begin to see
7:05 sound as a way to do healing the sites I know in music
7:09 it is that when people hear music it take them to different emotions do jholi
7:15 happiness to sadness but when did you decide to use it more as a modality
7:20 unconscious mentality rate well
7:23 again I would say that process really began when as a child
7:26 because I was I would play piano since I was about three years old
7:31 so playing the piano wouldn’t notice when I would start
7:34 place certain feelings it would take me weird feeling
7:38 it frustrated had a son in it displeases yeltsin
7:43 move that energy in that way on notice the room would start to react to that
7:47 and energy notice but they were really
7:50 concerns are really peaceful into the PIA
7:54 it was stuck together and it would he is though that
7:57 energy would expand in the other people who are listening cell
8:01 for real early I did on some level
8:04 consciousness at at the input together that when we transmit sound
8:09 into a space it affects the people in that space
8:12 since and even the plants and life force in that space with it into that said
8:18 so it begins really with the piano and then
8:22 over the course of the years I would really just find ways to express
8:26 healing and energy would whatever was was
8:29 in my heart in that moment to get and instruments and watch the different ways
8:33 said rule or the space with people
8:37 would sounds it’s really exploration about
8:40 what we feel right right now right here
8:44 a connection to this moment because also known as hell
8:48 as a musician as a songwriter sometimes we play songs that we’re in a long time
8:54 ago
8:54 and if we’re playing them from a place that presence
8:57 you can play the same song people heard you know
9:01 100 times but it’s still in vogue hearsay because is being played said
9:06 and if you’re playing the song has been played you know said a hundred times
9:11 you can adjust going through the motions doesn’t involve the same kind me
9:16 most no response sarah is been awake
9:19 responsibility fine too it is it’s definitely the practitioner
9:24 nominee energy that their putting through to it
9:28 rate so that’s interesting even in music that you’ve noticed that
9:31 know very much that there’s a lot of musicians
9:35 and and it’s in the younger generations right now
9:39 work undercover cellulose and they’ve been
9:43 witnessing in seeing a lot of them during my travels around the globe where
9:47 well that person looks like there on stage
9:51 being a senior be in it forrester being
9:54 a drummer but actually it the
9:57 ability to transmit healing energy which is really just like
10:01 to rate this Catholic source from which will and
10:05 the ability to really channel that offered can really
10:09 with new number two ways worth it its a medium
10:13 rain that bowls that I use army and the guitar that can’t know that you use it
10:18 media the crystal ball that a psychic uses a medium
10:22 but it’s really coming through them sure so
10:25 so that the really good point me

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