0:01 physicians and in
0:04 its and the younger generations right now work undercover cellulase
0:07 and they’ve been witnessing in seeing a lot of them
0:11 during my travels around the globe where well that person looks like there on
0:16 stage
0:17 being a senior be in it forrester being
0:20 the driver but actually it the
0:23 ability to transmit healing energy which is really just
0:27 British greatest slick source from which will
0:30 and the ability to really channel and up for that can really
0:35 through another ways worth it its a medium
0:39 rain that bowls that a user me and the guitar that can know that you use it
0:44 media the crystal ball that a psychic uses a media
0:48 but it’s really coming through them sure so
0:51 so that the really good point you’re making so now about sound
0:55 we’ve built no film healers that sound is all about vibration
0:59 in vibrational frequency yes and that our bodies
1:03 each part of our body vibrate at a different frequency
1:06 so when we become out a balanced in the balance with in the body
1:12 is our as well and so when you do your music
1:17 likely michael’s were assisting in
1:20 people coming back into balance and their organs going back into balance or
1:24 their order field coming into town for their emotional
1:27 process fundamental process coming into balance
1:31 and sometimes we’re not going to know which it is but our intention is to
1:35 assist someone to facilitate himself basically
1:39 mates facilitators yes I love them and let
1:43 think about the workings in he said all having it
1:47 their own vibration sentence feel
1:50 my own body with it into someone healing session
1:54 like we’re walking symphonies here
1:58 love the early a symphony creation or all over
2:02 over organs in different muscles their all
2:05 frequency that could be if we have the ears to hear it
2:08 whole it their all play together in intricacy and perfection
2:12 where were born with it’s like a symphony
2:15 and so it if one of those parts isn’t up to
2:20 kinda like the string section other kidney is like
2:23 me play around there yeah feeling really it’s like we can bring that back into
2:28 the rate
2:28right tuning it play with the orchestra our bodies again
2:32 and eases where TDI is Justin
2:35 here the body an example up
2:38 the great music to give the body an example
2:41 the Great Sand its always and so too
2:45 of her and a reflection
2:48 itself that’s already healed
2:52 so to perhaps a part of the body hurts is experiencing
2:56 and separation or his out innocently
2:59 area is that that orchestra wants to play it
3:04 are our bodies want to be in the raid
3:07 and still to for the great music
3:11 into to just let everybody here that again automatically entrance to the he
3:18 runs into the lake baikal
3:19 me a while depending on how actually artists and Dansby and
3:26 energy users circumstances cool and it actually is a big one
3:30 and sound is a gets right to the core
3:34 again in all our stories oliver project is all about pleasing
3:38 like you can argue when you hear something sells true
3:42 will sound bypasses the conscious mind in a sound that is Justin note
3:46 nada not a harmony where a rhythm
3:50 just the individual sounds just go in and penetrate
3:53 yes all on their own and so when you can pull them all together
3:57 you can do great work with people
4:00 so it seems likely what you’re doing that’s up that’s also where you’re
4:05 taking people you’re taking them
4:06 threw it around so that they can come into alignment
4:10 that is the best thing yeah that’s what we like right and that the emotions are
4:14 such
4:15 apart it when you take someone and getting infected
4:18 deeply relaxed a because when your frequency is vibrating
4:21 how to balance and usually either really hire really low
4:25 that deep relaxation that comes with doing this work
4:29 allows the body and the mind to know the frequencies to just peace
4:34 to and and come back into a place in
4:38 columnist rated
4:41 yeah so no tell us about what you use
4:44 in your self healing instruments or boys yes the
4:50 the primary instrument a call two years
4:53 these days with with using sound in the way that we call
4:56 healing because there’s really no separation
5:00 and all the different ways with and it really is all
5:03 hearing but to release focus specifically holding
5:06 potential one person find that Voice
5:09 has been one of the more hopeful ways to
5:13 to transmit a great music and
5:16 course this and many other wounded
5:20 well Voice has become in the morning 18
5:23 sound is work with the small loop pedal
5:27 nice that enable to actually
5:31 live in the moment according to wear
5:34 boys and then another and another and another so that it in the series
5:39 moments can actually buy just really it
5:42 really tuning in to that person where there simply isn’t
5:46 and letting the great music flow there it can be.
5:50 almost like an angel fire computer
5:53 moments so that would be the one electronic
5:56 friend I have would be this loop pedal replies that
6:00 very learning very affected waited
6:05 so when you’re doing the loop you were completely connected to the person
6:09 you’re letting their what’s going on with them merged into you
6:14 I mean is this how it works for you so there you have a great way to put it
6:20 I in very sensitive being as an old
6:23 transmitted they said
6:28 feel so
6:32 me feeler its almost impossible for me not to feel
6:36 what’s happening when opening that
6:39 foldable wide space in my cell to bring the service
6:44 it’s a you just become aware oval things
6:47 within cell working with one specific person
6:52 or couples as well as a really fun too is that you
6:56 by really opening that space in the cell
6:59 become just paper where sometimes you feel and see things that
7:03 may not want to see people you know like
7:07 oh I just liberal a story you know Wellington they can help you
7:11 I mean in that knowing that awareness can help you
7:14 to deepen the direction that you’re going when you’re when you’re seeing
7:18 maybe something that they have an issue with
7:20 yes something that’s you know blocking them yes
7:23 to get that vision yes Chile so that
7:26 that level sensitivity and
7:29 more subtle awareness for me
7:32 if I want into that state I notice intended
7:35 and having a day and thinking about a lot of things that
7:39 its intense to really get back two places feeling
7:42 I’ll just kill platelet outside by
7:46 world down and
7:50 whole forcing the store like you know
7:55 listening to music really did
7:59 and idk into really tuned sound dreams
8:02 says just as people and
8:06 healing space really into that place he said
8:11 intervene receptiveness and that’s like pearl
8:15 healing the really good well have you ever
8:19 have the experience I’ve had this experience with
8:22 my balls and I’m 100 with you here instruments
8:26 where when you’re playing and somebody like but the Bulls one or two will
8:31 resonate
8:32 much louder and much longer than another one so
8:35 that even the instrument like the vibration perhaps a
8:39 the stream will help you to go to another
8:43 level with the person because you’re knowing candice’s this is activating
8:48 some think that activating Street
8:49 is that is that the same for you very much yeah the instruments want that
8:53 little
8:55 say meeches near eighty good
8:59 up for that I liked it aphid
9:04 think about the prayer one using sound he’ll
9:08 as well as just as a general means a
9:11 lovingly giving thinks for the greater intelligence
9:15 you know in the comments and hence the great music because
9:18 he really is saying yes agree music
9:22 is it’s almost like imagining this in this great conductor
9:26 yes that’s really present and aware and
9:29 is is able to nudge
9:32 us a bit likely she’s ball yeah
9:36 place for this part and sanded
9:40 so often times like it big in the senate interview and
9:44 quite optimistic thank you a great agree
9:48 source actually gets burnt I’ll because at that data intelligence
9:53 can be transmitted through us
9:56 in whatever tools we have all-rounder feel
9:59 automatically
10:03 period

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