“NFL 2015” A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL

0:06 I saw your mole!
0:08 You’ll give me a complex, man
0:10 You gotta eat the breakfast
0:12 We eat breakfast!
0:14 THEN lunch!
0:15 I have flaps

0:20 I just forgot to breathe.
0:2 2Holla
0:23 We gon’ ball
0:24 Why are you, you know, always angry?
0:26 Once there was this prince
0:27 He came from, like, Syria, okay?
0:29 And he lived with some peaceful monkeys
0:3 1outside his aunt’s boyfriend’s cabin
0:33 and had a old sheepdog named Paco Sinbad.
0:36 I could just throw a rock!
0:38 And I’d aim it at your neck so you’d get two stitches.
0:41 Better get down, gonna dance good friend
0:43 Jigga Jick, Jabba Jabba
0:45 All I know is, I know this is this is the bad guy
0:48 And I know this is a good one
0:50 Ducky, ducky, turkey, turkey, duck, duck, duck
0:53 Move
0:54 That guy bumped me.
0:55 So wait, you’re saying if you DON’T like her
0:57 Then you’ll buy a girl a second-hand handbag?
1:01 I think my face is happier fuzzy
1:03 I wonder, how much do I offend you?
1:06 Well, friends of mine know that I don’t like you.
1:07 Oh, that’s nice.
1:09 Dude, pick up that penny!
1:11 I wasn’t loved as a baby.
1:13 You know, I like Horace
1:14 the little mystery pig
1:15 He’g got round poops.
1:17 FUN TOWN!
1:19 Come on, hug Daddy
1:20 I love my gopher
1:21 Ey, ey, simmer down y’all!

1:25 I thought about what you said, man
1:27 I got my Legos, and I’ll bring them
1:28 And then we can play, all day
1:31 Man, who took my skin cologne?!
1:33 Hmm, I like strong pickles
1:35 But NOT the funk-house kind
1:37 All right?
1:38 I’ll toss ’em out
1:40 That girl!
1:41 She’s so-
1:43 So PRETTY!
1:43 You guys don’t have a problem with this?!
1:45 I like this hat
1:47 Yeah, I once got a rake
1:49 And I killed a snowman
1:51 Villain!
1:52 You made a recipe
1:53 And then you invented dirt lumps.
1:55 [singing] Ah agh ah ahhhhh
1:57 Oh, where’s my furry friend?
2:01 Oh ay oh ay
2:02 I’m the best driver!
2:03 I back up all the time!
2:04 And it takes great effort to not swerve and
2:06 OH NO!
2:08 Hey spirits
2:09 Y’all are creepy.
2:10 You know that man that had the cocaine?
2:12 Turns out he’s a coke dealer.
2:14 What?
2:14 What? What?
2:15 What? What? What?
2:16[singing] Give me a tiny boat and I’ll sing all day
2:18 Jelly Face!
2:20 Hey wait, uhhhh
2:22 I’m gonna die
2:24 Wuh-wuh wulla heyleh
2:25 Brains can get messy.
2:27 Dlll. Dllll
2:31 Wait! I need to tell you something.
2:32 BILLY!
2:33 Red rum
2:34 Red rum Red rum
2:35 Hey look, I’m hot
2:36 Ungh
2:37 Oh, there’s Fred
2:38 Oh, and Phil
2:39 What’d I do?
2:41 Awwwww
2:42 Awwwww yeahhhhh
2:44 Who am I seeing?
2:45 Who am I seeing? Who am I seeing?
2:46 Vivian?
2:47 Oh! She just saw me!
2:49 GO, go, go
2:49 [singing] Disco, disco
2:51 And the beat don’t die in bingo town
2:53 You LOVE Funyuns!
2:54 (Yeah I do)
2:55 I know you was eating them before every game
2:57(mm hmmm)
2:58 Didn’t you
3:00 They’re GROSS
3:01 Ddllll, DING-a-DONG
3:02 Did I mention that I never planned to serve you rodent meat?
3:06 Yeah, well I really wish you just never DID do it.
3:08 Ah HAHAHA – ooohh
3:12 Lady…
3:14 Hey, lady!
3:15 [sniff, sniff]
3:15 Hot soup?!
3:16[smack, smack]
3:18 Where they got it?
3:19 I’m not okay!
3:21 I’m gonna crack!
3:22 YAhhhh!
3:23 There’s that guy that has the brown horse head weird mask
3:26 You don’t like it?
3:27 Nah, man, it’s too much
3:28I can’t take it, it’s scary

3:31 MEOW
3:32 More sticks I will eat.
3:34 Ehhhhhh
3:35 I’m not a plant.
3:37 Ah, you’re MARVELOUS
3:38 Hot dog, I love you.
3:40 Man, get my Funyuns ready!
3:41 No more Funyuns!
3:42 Come on! Bring me that treat!
3:44 NO! NO!
3:45 Because they just make a HUM in my TUM!
3:48 You can’t have any!
3:50 Man, you should see
3:50 We caught a mouse
3:52 And then we kept it
3:53 I coulda cooked him, but “no, we can’t crush it!”
3:55 So, we got him a mouse cage.

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