Star Wars Trailer ALL EASTER EGGS (Force Awakens Trailer ANALYZED)


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming and the FINAL Star Wars Trailer for Star Wars 7 is here! There are SO MANY Star Wars Trailer Easter Eggs in this, we had to devote a JUMBO video to it!

JJ Abrams is clearly making The Force Awakens with a huge desire to showcase all kinds of Star Wars references and Star Wars Easter Eggs that he can. Gotta love nerd directors! Yes, we know the Force Awakens Trailer has been out for over a week already, but we couldn’t stop ourselves from doing a Star Wars Trailer Analysis at the level that only our Jedi forefathers could have imagined. Just because of Star Wars 2015 has become our favorite year in the history of years (and this is just Episode 7!).

This Star Wars trailer has so many clues as to what Rey and Finn have going on, what their relationship with Hans Solo and Princess Leia might be. There are also so many badass references to the original trilogy and even to the prequels and podracing! Kylo Ren obviously gets his time too. Some people think Luke is Kylo Ren (The Force Awakens villain) but that’s nonsense, Kylo Ren is obviously the biggest Darth Vader fanboy since… well… all of us. We also get shots of what we think are the Knights of Ren, adorable bb-8, maybe Luke’s lightsaber, an injured Chewbacca (aw sorry Chewie) and maybe someone even dead! That’s right, it looks like someone will die in Star Wars The Force Awakens! I can hardly contain myself and you might be able to tell because the Force Awakens trailer gives us a clue.


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