The Healing Laws Of Unconditional Love

Healing Laws Of Unconditional Love

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All is energy in which vibrational frequencies models these vibrations as light or solid matter, such as a rock you think is solid that you hold in your hand, or ray of sunlight as you feel its warmth on your face.

There no escaping fear in your life, it rears its ugly head as a roadblock in core parts of your physical body. This fear may come from this lifetime or past/parallel lifetimes. These blocks are restricting the flow of energy from performing at its maximum potential. When the circulation of your life force energy is compromised you will feel imbalanced, out of sorts, ill, sick, sore, painful, incapable, non-functioning, near death. These blockages cause ill at ease feelings, dis-ease, disease, and possibly death.

Fear left Unresolved will manifests As Illness. Your thoughts create your reality. If you think you are sick, you become sick and remain sick. Your healing comes from love manifested as light. Your unconditional love of yourself prevents illness, alternatively, kickstarts your healing process by replacing fear with love. Your healing light, or the healing light brought from someone else, is stronger in its vibrational frequency than the illness, the blockage, caused from fear, which has a low vibrational frequency. This higher vibrational frequency obliterates the lower vibrational frequency.

Identify your fears, face them head on, but have “only love” as your weapon to defeat these fears. Stand in your integrity; say “What would Love do now?” Act and facing fears – do it – and watch these fears dissolve in the light of truth and love.

Pain is required for your healing, growth and evolvement. Pain is part of the process of healing. It identifies the blockage. It is intensified when the blockage is dissolved or removed and the absence of that pain tells you that you are healed. Come only from love, create the light of higher vibrational frequency, face your fears while standing in your integrity and see these fears dissolve, feel pain free and have an attitude of gratitude. Now count your blessings in appreciation, gratitude and in unconditional self love for your new found health. Believe you are healed and it shall be administered.


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