What Can You Do For Ascension? Clear Your Fear!

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What Can You Do For Ascension? Clear Your Fear!

By: Dr. Suzan Caroll

If you hold onto fear, you spread that fear with your every breath. On the other hand, if you clear your own fear, you assist in clearing fear in every person you meet, place you go and situation you encounter. Think of life with NO fear. Is that not the foundation for ascension? Therefore, for those of you who wish to know:

“What can I do for ascension when I can barely make it through daily life?” The answer is, “Clear your fear.”
“But I am stuck and I can’t move forward.”
“Clear you fear.”
“But I am unimportant and don’t know how I can assist with the many changes.”
“Clear your fear.”

Fear masks out love. Everyone, even the worst member of the Illuminati, has fear. Everyone, even the meanest person you have ever met, has love hidden behind his or her fear. If there were no love at all that person would cease to exist because love is what binds you to the matrix of your 3D reality. Only people who are afraid of themselves want to induce fear in others. People who live in love want to create love in others. Fortunately, love is the antidote to fear. And this love must begin with yourself, for how can you give to others what you do not have yourself?

Furthermore, love for yourselves gives you the courage to face your fear and clear it. Initially you may need to receive that love from the higher dimensional expressions of your SELF who resonate to the flow of unconditional love of the ONE. Eventually, you will be able to hold that unconditional love as a constant antidote to fear. Fear is the dirt that gets your clothes dirty and makes white clothes brown. Fear is the pollution that gets into your air and makes blue skies muggy. Fear is the conflict that destroys your day and lowers your consciousness. When you clear your fear, you clear your aura, your workspace, your home, your neighborhood and your atmosphere. Most importantly, you clear your planet and assist Her with her ascension.

How do you clear fear?
In order to clear your fear, you must consciously observe yourself in the act of experiencing fear. You must catch fear in its every hiding place, and heal it with the power of your love. If you drop coffee on your shirt and immediately wipe it off, it goes away. However, if you ignore it and don’t wipe it off, the small spot become a stain. Fear is much the same. If you notice it and clear it with love, your aura remains clean. On the other hand, if you are not conscious of your fear, others will see it, they will react to it and you will wonder why everyone around you is afraid.

However, when your aura is filled with love, you reject fear. You do not wear a white shirt to roll in the dirt, nor do you choose to engage in fear when your aura is clear. Love clears fear. Begin with loving yourself. Remember to love your wounded ego, for it is the part of self that needs it most. Once you truly love yourself, you can love your home, friends, community, state, country, continent, hemisphere and planet. Then, before you know it, you begin to change, and you live in love for longer and longer periods of time.

Then one day, you forget to be afraid. You are so distracted by the freedom and creativity of your ever-expanding love that you forget to experience fear. How can you forget to experience fear? You forget to experience it because you can no longer perceive it. Your consciousness has risen above the frequency of fear and you are surrounded by love. In fact you ARE love, and you ARE New Earth. Do you see how important you are? All you did was clear your fear, but when you clear your fear there is only love.


Dr. Suzan Caroll

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