What Happens When You Die – Near-Death Experiences

0:18 NDE Accounts Presents
0:23 What happens when you die.
0:29 And the light had no judgment
0:33 There was no condemnation, there was no blaming,
0:37 no shame. There was nothing but love and acceptance
0:41 and the light was viewing me the light knew everything I ever
0:45 thought did or will do it knew everything.
0:48 You just know
0:53 your all-knowing. Everything is a part of you
0:56 and it’s just so beautiful.

1:02 It was eternity
1:04 It’s like I was always there
1:08 and I will always be there
1:10 that my existence on earth was just a very brief
1:13 instance.
1:15 And there are no churches there
1:18 not where I was
1:20 It wasn’t about just one way
1:23 and it wasn’t about doctrines and books
1:26 but just about a universal compassion
1:30 and love for everything,
1:34 for everyone.
1:36 Animals, Plants, Birds all of it
1:41 it’s all together.
1:46 This being
1:47 who I personally believe was God or at least a representative
1:51 of God if not God
1:52 himself
1:54 communicated to me
1:56 not the word love but the
1:59 understanding of love. It was a love that was
2:02 total and
2:03 all encompassing.
2:12 I
2:13 then became aware of a
2:17 bright
2:20 heavenly being
2:23 I felt as if I was in the presence of God. This
2:27 being of light..this being had light radiating
2:30 from him and he embraced me
2:33 and when he embraced me I could
2:37 feel
2:39 the most powerful love. It’s the
2:42 greatest love that there is in the universe.
2:46 There’s no greater love
2:48 It was absolutely total, real, great..
2:54 Engulfing love!